Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Links to all my Sites at a glance!

My blogging started with my goobers sfzoo friends blog, as a place to share all my knowledge of the San Francisco Zoo and its Animal Residents, in hopes that my passion would endear others as well. It then grew to include an Enrichment blog, couple of Birthday blogs, and most recently (and unfortunately) a blog about how horrible the San Francisco Zoo has treated me. I still love my Zoo Animal Friends who live there, that is why in the wake of being pro-sfzoo, I have begun to blog about their short comings. I also have blogs on various non-zoo related topics. non-blog related I continually post photos of my Zoo Friends and other Wildlife to a photo site and Flickr. I also have a youtube channel where I post my videos of my Zoo Friends. I also tweet it all out. If you're interested in any of this, check out these great links! Cheers~

San Francisco Zoo Animal Resident Bio's and News!

Zoo Friends Enrichment!

Padang's 21st Birthday!

Ulu turns 30!

Zoo revokes my Membership and Slanders me ;O

Zoo's short comings

Andean Bear lives exclusively on Cement ;O

Thousands of Great Zoo friend photos!

Park friends!

Videos of the Zoo friends!

My Flickr Stream